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About VBS 2015

June 22-26 6:30-8:45

Jambo! Welcome to Camp Kilimanjaro! Every day, our kids are faced with choices about who to listen to, who their hearts worship, how to speak to and about others, whether to work diligently at school or home, and who to hang out with. Will they choose wisely or foolishly? Will they base their decisions on the wisdom of the world or the wisdom that comes from above?

At Camp Kilimanjaro, kids will go on an amazing adventure while learning that true wisdom comes only from the one true all-wise God, who wants us to be wise!

As you safari up Mount Kilimanjaro, your hikers won’t want to miss even one minute of the day! Set your compasses for Africa and prepare for an epic expedition at Camp Kilimanjaro, VBS for 2015!


Camp Schedule

June 22-26 6:30-8:45

Monday – Friday

  • 6:30 Opening Ceremony
  • 6:50 Games, Lesson, Small Snacks, & Music by age group
  • 8:25 Closing Ceremony
  • End 8:45


Our closing program will be Sunday night at 6:00. Children are encouraged to bring their families and show off what they learned during the week.

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, & Dollars

Each year the VBS campers compete boys vs Girls to see who can bring the most offering for the year’s mission. Each night of the camp the campers are asked to bring a different denomination:

  • Monday: Pennies
  • Tuesday: Nickels
  • Wednesday: Dimes
  • Thursday: Quarters
  • Friday: Dollars

At the end of VBS all of the money is counted up to see who won. The winners get a prize and all of the offerings go to Clayton Howell in Kenya. Check out the Howell Family East Kenya Missions page.

Contact Info

Need more info? Contact Becky Akines: 918.605.0221 or Tracie Carlton: 918.955.6108.

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